Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DeVicious - Glow and ReVenge Mesh Dresses

There’s an inventory server somewhere groaning under the weight of all my DeVicious dresses :)

I’m wearing the awesome Glow dress today, and the XS size fits me so well I skipped the alpha.

That is how mesh clothing of the future will act, and I was quite, quite happy to see it.

Glow comes with four different HUDs, giving 10 plain leather, 10 floral motif leather, 10 skull pattern and 10 mixed fabric dresses for an astonishing 40 looks in one box.

Now lelo pokes me that it’s not really fetishwear (“Lick my flowers, slave!”), but it’s spring, it’s leather, so I like it, ok?

Some designers would stop at giving you forty dresses in a box, but not Steph! Also included in the Glow box are five pairs of spiky booties: white, black, red, pink and leopard print.

Why five pairs of boots and not a color-change thing? There must be an excellent and terribly technical reason, but I don’t know what it is.

A bunch of good alpha combos, too : dress, dress and boots, upper or lower part only. Smart smart stuff, and soon as I get a viewer that lets me combine alphas, I’ll appreciate the growing collection I have been accumulating.

At this price, you need to go get this dress. Even if your doll complains you don’t look fetishy enough... that’s what the good Lord made ball gags for, hm? ;)

Another installment of mesh dresses by Steph from DeVicious, she’s releasing these dresses at an amazing rate, we could fill our blog with them.

As always you get the dress with 50 texture options and in 5 sizes so you should be able to find something to fit and suit you.

The HUD system works perfectly, i really love how easy that works, you see what you get and you don’t have 250 dresses overflowing your wardrobe.

Steph also adds matching boots to the outfit, in the case of the ReVenge you get them in white and black.

The quality of these boots is amazing if you consider that they are a more or less free addition to the dresses.

The good thing with DeVicious, if you don’t like the current dress, wait a week and you’ll have new options.

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/DeVicious/80/131/2001
Quality9 8
Price9 9
Service8 8
Store7 7

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