Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Restrained Freedom - Mesh Armbinder

Scooped again!  Eh, Aria’s a pal, so we don’t mind ;)

Katie is a dear but giving bloggers a call when she releases new toys is not one of her strengths.

Fortunately a few people tipped us to the armbinder. One even told us before it came out - thank you all! :)

The Restrained Freedom Mesh Armbinder - you know by now I make a point of naming items in the post, not just in the title - is a good-looking toy. It has a really wide variety of textures included, including zebra and leopard print.. you know, for humiliation ;)

The straps are extremely detailed, with great textures, rivets, and padlocks at the buckles (which lelo assures me point the right way).

The center of the straps is a chest piece with a solid-looking D-ring, suitable for leashing.

The whole thing is transferable, so buy it for the bondage bunny/doll in your life, and I’m guessing you’ll be rewarded by enthusiastic squeaks of delight ;)

Another day, another restraint... guess who got lucky this time.. meeeee.. *winks*

Seems Katie is slowly converting all her lovely toys to mesh, with all its lovely bone-following attributes. Tonight we are having a look at her new mesh armbinder.

The armbinder comes with all the locking, leashing and RLV options you might ever want, including a built-in relay.

There are even 3 games included in the binder, so you won’t get bored while locked up, now isn’t that considerate of Katie.

The menu gives you the option to use the the crotch strap and if you want to use the handsack or if you want to show the (mesh) hands.

But the thing i really love about this binder is the look and the ease of changing it to match your current outfit.

You can use the menu, but the included HUD makes things much easier, there are leather and latex presets for the binder and the straps.

There are also presets for the fingernails and skin color or you can use the color chart to select your own color.

And if all else fails you can even insert your own texture into the binder, wooden binders anyone? *winks*

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner :
Katie Paine

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

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