Monday, April 22, 2013

Erratic - Tory Mesh Leather Jacket

Our friend Mel Melville was wearing a cool dress the other day, and pointed me to Erratic when I asked where it was from.

The dresses were indeed very nice, but I saw a shortie biker jacket and it cried mama - what could I do? I took it home ;)

I was impressed by all the colors: 12 different ones, available as a fatpack (works out to half the price, a good saving).

The black has good highlights but a fair bit of black on black. The colors stand out better; the pink is really bright, for example.

The shape of the jacket is really excellent. I’m wearing the XS and barely need the alpha.

Speaking of alphas, Erratic includes the texture with full perm (it’s boxed to avoid confusion, I assume) so old viewer users like us can add it with Appearance, Alphas.

Sometime soon this won’t be so necessary as Phoenix and others will die, but right now I’m very happy when I see this. It means a designer pays attention.

So great shape, great textures, attention to detail.. there’s a lot to love here. It’s not cheap, but you do get good value.

Visit Erratic’s big, beautiful store when you have a lot of time... and money ;)

I told you last thursday and i’ll tell you again Mistress is a sucker for a good looking leather jacket.

So another jacket tonight, this time a mesh version by Erratic Rain, who simply calls her store Erratic. *smiles*

In the box you will find the jacket in 5 sizes, which are a bit big, i’m wearing the XS here, where i mostly wear a L.

You’ll also find a HUD that lets you change the color of the zipper in 3 metallic colors.

As you would expect there is a alpha included to make the jacket fit and as Mistress already told you the full perm alpha texture.

So great looking leather jacket in 12 fashionable colors, only question that remains is, will she be offering one in rubber. *winks*

Name : Erratic
Owner : Erratic Rain


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