Friday, April 19, 2013

Firestorm Team Makes Cool Tutorial Videos

First, if you’re smart, you’ll go straight to Inara’s post from which I’m cribbing, here :

Still with me? You silly dear :)

The awesome people developing Firestorm put together some tutorial videos for us old fogeys still living in the dark ages of the metaverse - and how ironic is it to cling to the past in a futuristic environment? - who will be cast screaming into a new viewer when server-side avatar baking irrevocably breaks Phoenix.

Well not just for us, but, you know. The first video, in fact, is about the Phoenix mode in Firestorm. Now these are good, hard-working people trying to soften the blow. But I hated the look of Firestorm on sight, as I did the official v2 and its brothers.

One of the things I hate in particular is space wasted by the interface. See my snap for a gentle hint ;)

Seriously, the Mozilla interface team should be their inspiration here. If there’s a way to save two square centimeters the controls waste on the screen, they have an option to do just that.

Note that word, option. Every shiny new feature in Firefox is optional. Dead set on your menu bar, your single tab always visible? They say go in peace, dear friend. When you decide you want a discreet orange button at the top left, it will be there, waiting patiently.

So. Some time soon-ish, we’ll have to make the jump. We’ll bitch, moan, complain bitterly, ask friends where features are, eventually get used to where things are, forget what all the fuss was about.. and then a new circumstance will require a new change. AAAAAHHHhhhhh! ;)

The Phoenix team Youtube channel is here:

Have a great weekend.

Deirdre and lelo

PS : Writing this addendum Saturday April 20th,  Elke Wylie, of the German Firestorm support team, (and of Needful Pixel - we featured them in the blog!) pointed out that the space-wasting vertical chat tabs I screamed about can be set to a sensible horizontal position - see how to do it right here.

Thanks Elke!

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    And if you like mozila look you really must try if your system allows, Niran Nv viewer!