Monday, April 29, 2013

KL Kiki - MissQ Boots

Sometimes we’re reminded of designers we featured in the past in the oddest way.

Seeing someone with the Kiki group tag at Mesmerize Dungeon got me curious to drop by the store and see if there was anything new and exciting (or as I usually say, I’ll also take new or exciting).

Well the MissQ boots are both new and exciting :)

They’re excellent sculpties, and although Kristina was worried, with everyone coming out with mesh, I say the shape is a lot more interesting than the medium.

MissQ are great, classic fetish boots that I don’t hesitate to compare to VvB’s. lelo even remarked “this is someone who knows RL boots”.

The heel is very interesting: a close peek reveals that it’s wide when seen from the side, and thin when seen from the rear; almost like the blade... of a stiletto ;)

Cool metal details on the fronts and sides, rear laces that are all subtly different, and a cool ankle strap round out the look.

Excellent boots, which I was glad to find and I’m pleased to share with you, dear readers. Don’t be so shy, Kristina :)

Here’s proof that sculpts aren’t dead yet, courtesy of Kristina Deschanel from Kiki.

This is the kind of boots i like, good angle of the foot, high platform, thin heel. Ok, they aren’t ballets but you can’t wear ballets all the time... *winks*

In the folder you will find 4 items, the boots, left and right, the alpha base and finally the shoe base, simple and easy.

Clicking the boots gives you the menu that lets you adjust the size of them and the sound levels they produce when walking.

I had to adjust the boots just a bit as they were riding a bit low compared to the alpha, not a real task.

The boots are available in black, black/red, pink, red and white. Better get them before everyone starts wearing them.

Name: KL Kiki
Owner: Kristina Deschanel
Price8 7

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