Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sensations - Mesh Gag

Another not-new-but-cool item, which we saw outside of Domme a Domme the other day. It caught my eye, and I said, ow ;)

Seriously, the vendor showed so many options that I thought this would be an interesting toy to examine.

The mask part is perhaps my favorite addon; it turns into a blindfold when the eye holes are removed.

Ears and a doggy nose can be added over the main harness, making the gag useful for pet play. Blinders, too... just see the vendor pic for the list, I think you’ll be impressed.

Version 1.2 fixes some bugs, but I’m not mad about version numbers in my post titles, so this is the one we’re showing you, ok?

A big thank you to Sensations for sponsoring Domme a Domme; someone has to pay that pesky rent ;)

Do have a peek at the Sensations Web site : http://www.buysensations.com

Fun, and i won’t call this little, toy from sensations tonight, though you might think a gag is small this one isn’t.

Lets start with the basics, it’s mesh, looks great and comes with all the RLV fittings you would ever need.

The fun with this “gag” comes with all the different gag options, there are 19, from simple ball to pony or doggy look.

There are also a few more hardcore options, including a toilet brush and funnels.

Most gags come with extra options like big or small masks and the table even comes with 7 options for what’s on your little table.

Next are the add-ons giving you: blinders, a plume, nose hooks, eye masks, pony or doggy ears, a chin strap, drool.... lots of options really.

You will also find the appearance button giving you a nice resizer and the ability to change colors on all the different parts of the gag.

Well i could go on and on and on, but just get it, this will be the last gag you’ll ever need.

Name: Sensations
Owner: Amethyst Rosencrans, Earalia Nolan
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensations/190/175/50


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