Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Latex Station - Francine

Cindy’s back in latex :) Francine is a simple latex corset (barely overbust) and pants combo, with matching shoulder gloves. No unnecessary inventory clutter here!

The design on the front of the corset and pants (and reprised on the back of the gloves) is the fleur de lys, the symbol of French royalty - hence the name Francine, I would guess.

The corset back is open, and laced with wide gold ribbon.

This is a simple, handsome outfit. Good shine, fun details, and a tattoo if you feel a bit too naked up top ;)

Back to our core business, latex, tonight a new offering from Latex Stations extreme label.

You’ll find 6 parts in the folder, giving you the corset in upper and underlayer and the pants also come in these two layer.

The tattoo layer is reserved for, you’ll never guess this one, a tattoo, that must be a first. *winks*

The outfit is completed with matching long gloves and is available in the three colors shown here, with me in yummy chocolate.

Great little club outfit in our favorite shiny material, so go go go....

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service9 9
Store8 8

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