Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sub Conscious - Dental Gag

Sub Conscious is a cool old store - established 2007! - selling toys ranging from mild to fairly hardcore. The owner, Kwakkelde Kwak, picked for a name the sound Dutch ducks make ;)

The store was an interesting visit, with lots and lots of content. We picked the Dental Gag among tons of others.

It’s a very nice and detailed model of the dentistry tool that became one of the most popular pervertables in RL.

The wide puppy eyes and wide open mouth look good if you’re evil like me ;) The drool, unlike in RL, is optional.

Visit Sub Conscious and terrify your subs into obedience with threats of getting the harder toys :)

A lovely little toy from Sub Conscious tonight, that will give you an painful jaw for sure.

The gag is simple in design and as usual that is a good thing, you know our mantra, simple is good.

The way the gag pries open your mouth is pretty much amazing, never knew i could do that.

The menu gives you control over the mumble levels, Domme select, drool level and timer.

There is also a button that will show you the history, so you can check on your sub.

The gag doesn’t have a resize option and isn’t copy so be very careful when you adjust it to fit your face.

Give Sub Conscious a look they have a great collection of toys, but be aware some get very serious.

Name : Sub Conscious
Owner : Kwakkelde Kwak


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