Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lolas - Tango and Alcatraz Corset

As more fetish designers are offering Lolas Tango appliers, we thought we’d show you the implants themselves; but while visiting the store, we saw the Alcatraz corset and thought it would make a better post, so here we are :)

The Tango are arguably the most natural looking implants around. Not that we’ve made a huge boobeh survey, you understand.

They certainly seem to be the most popular. Maybe it’s just that the applier developer kit is really easy to work with, I don’t know.

They do look good, and Lolas include a very clever trick to assist you in skin matching: a tattoo layer skin that lets the Tango’s texture blend seamlessly with your body.

The Alcatraz corset looks good but will require a bit of work for fitting properly. Alpha and invisiprim versions are included.

We’ll show you a few outfits with appliers in coming days, so stay tuned if you want to see lelo.. enhanced ;)

Guess who has been to the plastic surgeon tonight, i’m glad it is so much more painless in SL to get implants than it is in RL. *winks*

But first the corset, the name is a bit of a mystery to me, wasn’t Alcatraz the prison you couldn’t break out of? Doesn’t look like the corset is capable of keeping me in. *smiles*

The corset comes in 8 colors and has a lovely leather texture and the prim work is amazing, only downside are the stiff prims.

Now the Tango’s, which seem to be getting more and more popular these days, at least the tango appliers are popping up all around SL.

First thing that is very smart is the inclusion of a tattoo skin layer for every included standard breast color, giving you 30 colors in all.

The other option is getting a skin applier for the tango from the store you got your skin and finally there is the option to uses the color HUD which even takes RGB input.

The menu of the Tango’s will give you access to the skin tones, the resizer, the build in clothing, the nipples and the piercings.

So loads of options in them but you’ll notice no locking or leaking or milking, these implants are a fashion accessory more than a fetish accessory.

Name : Lolas!
Owners : Sandi Moonites and Chevette Zuzu

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