Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eclectic Randomness - Plateau Latex Ankle Boots

This is Fetish Consolidated find. A spam group might get annoying to any but the most devoted fetishista, but it’s pretty convenient for us.

I called Winter and had a nice little yak with her. We don’t always manage to catch the designers online but I love it when we do - saves me making up all sorts of nonsense ;)

The boots look good, but you’ll recognize them from Ponka. No sin there, bought mesh items are fine when designers add their own touch.

In this case, the latex textures are part of the personal ER touch, but the big story is the HUD. This is an entirely original HUD and Winter worked for some months developing the scripts.

The result is extremely compact and easy to use. In fact, we found it so interesting that we’re running it as third pic instead of our usual, the item’s vendor.

The HUD’s three tabs are shown side by side in the image, but you’ll see one at a time when you use it. Lelo and I both found the controls snappy in response time and dead easy to understand.

The little numbers refer to the notecard you receive in the box: 1 is the Latex control tab, 8 is the Metal controls, and 16 are Other options.

Clicking the boots themselves gives you a limited menu: sound and update. Conceivably the things you’ll use once they’re set up; so good thinking, I’d say.

Inexpensive boots, and a cool HUD you’ll be seeing more of in ER products in the future. Definitely worth picking up!

You might know me as a ballet boot lover and yes i do live in them, but booties like these, with a hidden plateau really hit a soft spot in me.

So the HUD. Well for one, it's compact so you can still see the boots you are adjusting.

Secondly it’s fast, at least it is in our little corner of the world. *winks*

And then there is the things it does, first tab lets you change the latex texture of the boots, straps, heel and sole, you can choice all 12 ER colors, which happen to  be the original POC colors, so they will match your ER implants, i’m sure you have. *smiles*

The second tab lets you change the color of the metal cap and buckle, 9 presets this time, a color field and 8 fields you can set yourself.

The last tab gives you a resizer and the option to remove the ER logo, not sure if that’s a wise move sales wise but it is nice when you are going all pink. Or some other boring color. *winks*

So great boots, and she’s practically giving them away, with an even better HUD, i’m curious to see her next product that gets that HUD, hopefully it’’s something that locks.

Name : Eclectic Randomness
Owner : Winter Ventura

Quality8 8
Price9 8
Service8 8
Store8 8

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