Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kcreations - Leather Vest

We had Kat’s vest and I was thinking “Is it fetish enough, though?”. Then I decided, it’s awesome leather with a cool floppy collar. What’s not to love, really?

Kat will try to tell you this is a quickie job, but I say only compared to her usual months-long development process where she learns to launch spaceships around Mars so that the skirt folds look just right.

This mesh vest is a really inexpensive item for the quality, but when you visit Kat’s elegant little store, look for her lovely Dragon Mesh Dress, which she still sells at 10L$ (there are 12 versions - go nuts!)

The Fetish Spot is no more, but I’ll always remember the Dragon Dress warmly, as Kat just plunged and made it, a brand new item, when I suggested cheapies for promotion.

The textures are great up close, the shine is great from a distance. The floppy collar is totally in fashion right now, and I’m wearing the small size without an alpha - this is fast becoming my criterion for fit.

You’re nearly convinced to click that slurl but not quite? Well how about free mesh t-shirts and a developer’s kit to make your own designs? It’s right at the LZ - go, go! :)

“get it off me, please” *winks* must be a first for me wearing jeans and having pictures to prove it.

But that’s not tonight's main story, Kat’s leather mesh vest is - and it might be a simple item but as usual it looks amazing.

You get the vest in 5 sizes, there is an alpha layer and also the alpha textures are included.

You’ll also find a HUD that will let you choose 32 different colored textures, including 4 with BDSM written on it.

You can also change the shine and tint of the texture, giving you endless color options.

So add some jeans *shudders* or leather pants and get on your hog... enjoy.

Name : Kcreations
Owner :
Kat Fetisov

Quality9 9
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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