Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alessandra - Latex Buckle Side Combo

We hadn’t heard from Alessandra in a long while, so it was good to get her call, saying she had a new fetish release.

The Latex Buckle Side Combo is not unlike the Buckle Side Suit we showed you, but that was in 2011, so I don’t feel too bad showing you a related outfit ;)

As Chane Karu’s a good friend of Alessandra, it may not be a coincidence that some colors seem familiar to us.

A single outfit is not as cheap as some catsuits we’ve seen, so the six-color fatpack is a steal if you like the design.

There are more fetish designs in the works from Alessandra (we got a peek at the next release, it’s good!) so stay tuned.

Latex tonight, this time from Alessandra, so prepare for some asymmetrical belted latex.

As you may know Alessandra’s main focus is clubwear, but she does have an interest in fetish wear, so once in awhile she goes all latexy.

The outfit comes in 3 parts, pants, blouse and gloves and is available in black, dark red, pink, purple, red and white.

Mistress is wearing dark red and white and i’m wearing the pink and purple.

Fun fresh look, good price, cool colors, need i go on? Summer is coming so it’s time to show some flesh ladies. *winks*

Name : Alessandra
Owner : Alessandra Pinklady

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 7
Store9 8

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