Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kcreations - Maid Dress

Kat doesn’t believe in fancy names. But when you see "Kcreations Maid Dress", I think you shouldn’t suffer from any kind of confusion.

The release date is today - any hotter off the press and you’d burn your fingers putting it on!

Kat puts so much work into her designs.. do read her blog to get an appreciation. I’m always humbled when I read her and Dari’s things. “Oh, and there was this insanely complicated technical problem, but I worked on it for a month and it’s fixed now.”

The result looks amazing: you and I benefit from the efforts of obsessive-compulsive fetish geniuses :)

One thing you’ll notice (maybe you might have even without me telling you - I cheated and read it on Kat’s blog) is that the sleeves and apron have thickness; yet another cool detail (based on a technical feature) adding verisimilitude to our world.

We opened with the pink one, and had to show the classic black and white; but if those aren’t enough, Kat makes a Texture Developer’s Kit available for free. Someone make a polka-dot one for Pet! ;)

Some lovely meshiness tonight from Kat at Kcreations, she is really turning out gems in mesh lately and this maid's dress is no exception.

The dress comes in 5 sizes, i went for a S, which fits my body quite nicely, except for the two sticky out bits on my chest, but those don’t even fit inside the L.

Still the magic of alphas come to the rescue and make everything fit in. Though i’m sure some would like a bit more room upstairs.

Next to the 5 dresses, the alphas (which are also included as textures) and the maid’s cap, you will find a HUD.

This HUD gives you control over the colors in/on your dress, you can select 8 different parts, including the cap.

There are 32 preset colors and a tint picker lets you make any color you might ever need, good thing the dresses are copy.

Great looking mesh maids dress, no serious submissive should be without one like this, just add heels and a serving tray and you are set to serve... drinks. *winks*

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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