Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slick - Carmella

We saw the Carmella outfit on one of our shopping jaunts, and filed it for future reference.

Well lelo’s traveling so you get a Deirdre solo pic post tonight because while my sweetie’s laptop can handle SL well enough, adjusting fancy bondage toys (how’s that for foreshadowing?) is best done at home ;)

Carmella’s a full outfit, from collar to stockings; you’ll just need to add footwear or try to look imperious in your cape and stockinged feet.

The underwear layer is a lovely smoky transparent latex catsuit, and while the top is quite decent, the bottom is perilously skimpy.

All I would suggest to designers who make outfits like this would be to include a decent version as well. Adult area or not, I wouldn’t wear this outfit in public - but that’s just me.

A shiny choker and a pair of delicate bondage bracelets are included, but the thing that caught my eye is the cape, of course. It’s very black and very shiny :) The rear collar and epaulets make it look a bit sci-fi-y, not a bad thing at all.

To sum up: a sexy, inexpensive outfit... with a cool cape.

As some of you might know Mistress has a thing for superheroines and capes especially.

So when she saw Carmella by Mika from Slick! there was nothing i could do to stop her from getting it.

It’s a lovely set that starts with a shiny transparent catsuit over which you can wear the black top, which vaguely reminds me of Vampirella.

But the thing that caught Mistresses eye must have been the cape, which looks great on her, but then like she always says, i would love her when she would wear a potato sack. *winks*

Ok, so this isn’t the latest outfit to hit SL, but it looks very shiny and sexy, and who doesn’t like that combination.

Name : Slick!
Owner : Mika Feiri

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service- -
Store- -

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