Friday, May 31, 2013

SL10B and SLB10A are coming fast!

As you know, we’ll be taking a keen interest in the SL anniversary celebrations. 10 years is an awesome milestone!

First, I’ll hit you with the dates. If you have any sort of interest in this yourself you probably know them, but it occurred to me today how little time there really was to see everything.

SL10B: The official community celebration, is from Sunday June 16th to Saturday June 29th.

With 20 sims full of exhibits, if you intend to see any appreciable fraction of them, you’ll need to plan your time.

SLB10A: The adult celebration is smaller and starts a bit later: Friday June 21st to Saturday June 29th. On the plus side, you’ll have time to see everything!

We’ll keep this post short - I don’t want to make your head spin! - but I’ll thank Gemma Cleanslate (here’s her own blog) for being so astonishingly helpful. It may not be the very first published, but here’s our own snap of the SL10B map!

I am sworn to secrecy but I’ll just point to the big, big, big thing in the middle and say one word.

“Cake” :)

Have a great weekend!

Deirdre and lelo

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