Thursday, May 30, 2013

aYe - Sexcellent Service Tray


Jenniferever sent us the Sexcellent Service Tray a while back, and confirmed to us that she was putting it up for sale at her store today.

The tray is an old project of hers, that she wanted to get just right before releasing. In fact, look for improvements in upcoming versions.

This is a very clever tray, and someone circulating with it at a party should be pretty popular.

It serves drinks, snacks, even smokes. The tray itself sits on a padded metal bondage belt - one of the improvements Jen was telling me about will be a resize option.

Our second picture is from above, to show the tray worn properly - don’t worry, lelo isn’t ruthed.

A fun, inexpensive toy definitely worth keeping an eye on.. we'll keep you posted!

A fun little toy tonight, made by jennifer from aYe - Creations and Design, something every maid in sl should own, a serving tray.

The tray is made that is locks around your waist, leaving your arms free to serve or be put in an armbinder. *smiles*

For now the belt is one size only, but Jennifer promises that a resizable update will be available in the near future, till that time better hold in your breath. *winks*

The rest of the tray works very simple, touch the tray and you get a menu of items you can select, the wearer can hand them out or the guests can pick them up themselves.

A few maids with these trays serving during a party should really spice up a party and be a good way for a maid to make herself useful.

Name : aYe
Owner : Jenniferever Melody

Quality7 7
Price8 8
Service8 -
Store8 8

2013-05-31: As a little post-scriptum, Jen has now made the tray resizeable, and sent us a vendor picture - here it is.

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