Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SLB10 A(dult!) - Adult Hub Will Celebrate Too

While SL10B will not have adult content, they will definitely point to adult celebration sites; I think that’s cool, and a decent way to handle things - we’ve been posting in a PG manner about adult content since the start of this blog, so I definitely understand the position of the SL10B organizers.

We heard today from Serjourn Daxter, the prime mover at the Freedom Continent: she’s setting a sim aside for adult content exhibitors, so if you would like to be an exhibitionist, give her or Lexi Lock a call to reserve a parcel.

Inara published the full details, so I’ll point you to her post: http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/your-gateway-to-an-adult-celebration-of-sls-10th-birthday/

This year, we won’t only report news, we’ll also be making them: lelo and I pounced and reserved a parcel.

I still intend to visit SL10B and report on it, so for your convenience, we’ll have two labels: SL10B for posts referring to the community celebration, and SLB10A for the adult ones.

Come see us at SLB10A, and show your support for adult content in Second Life. As I said before, fetish is a valid part of the world :)

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