Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Latex Station - Dolce Latex Suit

A new Latex Station release, and a cool upcoming contest. Dolce Latex Suit is released under the Latex Station Extreme label.

The bustier and garter belt combo on the pants and shirt layer is the heart of this outfit.

A thong on the underwear layer, a bra on shirt or jacket, gloves and you’re there.

Note that the stockings end at the ankle, so you’ll want to wear boots or make a bold fashion statement with shoes.

This is a fun little outfit, but you’ll want to set a bit of time aside to manage your layers.

A tattoo layer version of the whole thing would have been a very good thing to include, and I passed the suggestion on to Cindy :)

There’s another Latex Station hunt coming up, with a pretty stunning first prize:
June 7 to July 7 : Everyone wins 10 outfits plus three lucky people win bonus prizes as described below.

Hidden at the Mainstore and at our sponsored clubs you will find letters, the catch is, you have to make a slogan for Latex Station using ONLY the letters you find on the hunt each letter can only be used once. Best three slogans will win, and your slogan will be featured on a display for Latex Station.

Be sure and join the group for bonus words and  more information and future events like our monthly give away of a 1000L giftcard to 10 people who are in our group and have us in their profile picks.

Paste this into chat to join

Start at the giant letter near the landing zone.

1st. Prize: 1 free outfit for each month membership of Second Life. 

(Example: 3 years old = 36 free outfits)
2nd Prize: 6 free outfits of your choice
3th. Prize: 2 free outfits of your choice

+ Prizes from our friends: VVB, Edelfabrik, Sassy, Naughty & Nice, Fierce, ThinkKink..

Some shiny latex tonight coming from Cindy at Latex Station, which comes with quite some promotions as Mistress already told you.

In the folder you’ll find a bra, garter belt, gloves, thong and corset, where the stockings are part of the garter belt.

The stockings are made for boots or the new mesh feet as they are feetless, must be a new trend we have missed. *winks*

The outfit comes in 3 color options (black, blue and bordeaux) where the bra is the part that is colored, the stockings, garter, thong, gloves and corset are the same in every outfit.

Fun little number from Latex Station and if you don’t want to spend too much on it try the raffle, Dolce is the outfit of choice in the raffle at the landingzone.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills

Quality8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

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