Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Think Kink And Dark Elf Magic - Colorable Panel Gag

We swung by Think Kink, and by chance, both lelo and I noticed the bright pink gag poster on the wall.

It turned out to be new - although I won’t claim a magic database mind that whirred and instantly spotted the new item or anything. “New” vendor tags have been suggested ;)

The Colorable Panel Gag is a cooperation between Think Kink and Dark Elf Magic, and a bunch of good RLV features interact with TK toys (if you’re forbidden from talking on one, say).

The design is clean, and the thick straps, rivets, O rings and buckles make it look pretty solid.

It’s simple, there’s not a bit of mesh on it, and it still looks quite good.

One day everything will be mesh with materials and specular what-have-you’s, but in the meantime, this is a fine little toy. Pick one up for the bondage doll in your life :)

Toy time tonight, a lovely new gag from Think Kink, the look and scripting is loosely based on the good old Dari’s Haus gag.

But this gag has been improved on a couple of points, starting with the look, the gag sports 178 prims, making it look very realistic.

But as usual with the work of Nihal and Chloe the real work went into the scripting, which has been streamlined to lighten the server load.

You will find all the RLV gag goodies you would want, from the intensity of the garble, the replacement of the wearers name in chat to the owner settings.

One of the more unusual, but in my opinion fun, options is the “Wait for IM” setting, which only blocks your IM untill you are spoken too. Now that’s how it should be in a D/s relationship.

And we’ll close off with the fashionable bit, yes fashion will always be part of our work, the gag is colorable, there are 25 colors you can select and all parts of the gag can be colors at once or one by one.

So a great new twist on an old favorite, go get it and be quiet... *winks*

Name : Think Kink
Owner :
Lyssa Daehlie, Ilana Debevec

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

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