Wednesday, May 15, 2013

KG Creations - Human Office Chair

Another designer we didn’t know! We got a call from Linnrenate Crosby of Kinky Geek saying, here’s a toy, please let me know what you think, and don’t hold back.

We don’t have to hold anything back, Linn. The Human Office Chair is a fine little toy, and forniphilia is right up our alley.

It’s inspired by Gord, the king of objectification. As it happens, we’re lucky enough to have found a video of the very chair on Youtube:

The chair is a bit bare at this moment, but as it stands it is just to see if there is any interest for a product like this.

If Linnrenate would put some good scripts into it for locking, adjustments and maybe some fun trancing, we’re sure she would have a winner here.

Maybe she should get in contact with the girls from Think Kink, they have some great scripts already.

If you like the chair as is, give Linnrenate a call, otherwise keep an eye on her store for more developments.
Name : KG Creations
Owner : Linnrenate Crosby

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