Monday, May 20, 2013

XTC Leather - Ruby Leather Catsuit

I don’t know what happened to Ruby - it fell in the cracks of my inventory, and we forgot to feature it when it came out.

A recent visit to XTC reminded me about it, as it’s right in the New area. So it’s not this-week new but it’s still awesome, better late than never, yada.

We shared a few Mord-Sith like costumes with you over the years but this is the real deal. Ox-blood red for me, and (non canon but pretty darn hot!) black for lelo.

The ornate belt is very well captured, and the folds and shine show that Xav is a real leather lover. He even adapted his excellent leather boots to Ruby, matching the deep blood red - they’re sold separately, but they're not expensive at all.

Ruby is on the pants and shirt layer, allowing you to wear a jacket if you feel the generous décolleté needs a bit of covering up.

Just because I like to spoil you rotten, here’s a large picture of the original character - and I mean “suitable for poster-printing” large, mmkay? You’re welcome ;)

Leather tonight, which usually means XTC and no exception this time, Xaviar is still the master of SL leather.

Ruby comes in two colors, the classic black, or noir as Xaviar calls it and in red or ruby.

As you might expect with a XTC outfit you’ll get the catsuit in top and pants layer, giving you room for underwear and a nice jacket.

The gloves are optional, but really finish the outfit, could be me but i feel naked without them. *smiles*

Another great basic outfit from XTC, you just need to add some boots - either Xav's or others - and you are set to roam the fetish side of SL, or go all out and make it the base of an amazing personalized look.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders

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