Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lady Annes Latex Emporium - Seductress And The IMP

Lady Anne is prolific; that’s the very least we can say about her. We literally are not keeping up with her new designs. I gave lelo notice that we need to step up the Lady Anne posts, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

Seductress in Red, the cool sexy outfit I’m modeling tonight, is a total steal at 99L$. (And she has a sister in black selling for the same price, just so you know.)

I’m wearing the whole kit: stockings, garters, panties, underbust corset, bra and gloves. I had fun swapping parts between the black and red outfits and seeing what would look good.

It’s a full outfit except for heels, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time and managed not to buy any of the great boots we’ve shown you, you have pretty remarkable self-restraint.

So once again, Anne does what she excels at: inexpensive, good quality fetish basics. Go, mix, match, have fun ;)

First things first, don’t worry about the outfit i’m wearing, it might be a Domme edition but i’m still the good old, very sub, lelo, so no submitting to me, please. *winks*

The IMP is the newest collection outfit by Lady Anne’s Latex Emporium, Anne really has a great if maybe a bit twisted taste.

Still the folder overflows it all kind of goodies and it’s amazing what you get for just LS 199.

There are 18 items in the folder, including the rubber horns, rubber boobs, the platform boots, a crop and leash holder.

The great looking mask comes in tattoo layer, giving you a catsuit with some strategic white trimmed holes in it.

The other clothing layers cover up these holes making the outfit a bit more PG, but in case you want to go the other way she also includes a pair of photo realistic pussy pants.

We don’t show you the included gasmask as we think the hood with the horns give a more interesting look, still if you want the gasmask is there for you to add to the look.

So what’s not to like here, a lot of fun stuff and a complete rubber Domme look at a bargain price.. you still here? *smiles*

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Falls/107/154/103

Quality8 8
Price9 9
Service8 7
Store8 7

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