Monday, June 10, 2013

Catch It - Nora

Hot off the latex press at Catch It is the Nora mesh dress. Cool eye-catching geometric designs and tints, and a corset-like arrangement of slender belts give this new release a unique look.

The knee length skirt and long sleeves are a natural progression from previous Catch It mesh, and while we have nothing against peek-a-boo stuff, I’m pretty happy to see a full-coverage dress.

Nora came out Sunday, and we really wanted to feature it tonight for a simple reason: it’s on sale until Wednesday 3PM SL time for 290L$; after that, it goes up to 390L$.

See what we do for you guys? :)

So that’s 46-ish hours from publish time, not that long - this is kind of a built-in reward for our regular readers.

Ah, and Pad finally put the adorable little Catchi bear up for sale: 0L$, at the right side as you go into the store. He’s my little latex shoulder bear; he doesn’t say much but he’s red and shiny :)

Lovely latex dress tonight, coming from Pad at Catch It, it’s all shiny, meshy and belty, all the y’s we love. *smiles*

A dress that covers your body, this has been a while, the belts give the mid sections some extra interest.

Those belts can be fine tuned, color wise, shine wise and texture wise, these changes are small though.

The dress comes in 4 sizes and you can try them on for size in the shop, i’m wearing a small for a change where Mistress is in a medium, go figure.

The dress is available in black, blood, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple red and white.

So if you need a slinky dress that covers your bum, here’s the one you need.

Name : Catch It
Owner :
Pad Cioc

Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

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  1. I'm not a real fan of mesh clothes. Fristly it takes ages to load and often I only see fragments of others avatars until everything's loaded. That shall improve with server side baking (whatever that means - being no technic freak i have no idea). Secondly mesh clothes did destroy one major advantage of SL - clothes don't fit naturally anymore except you appear in a standard shape (the other major advantage is having no wrinkles). Thus I have to tweak my shape to get mesh clothes fitting and as i try to change as little as possible each mesh dress has a shape to wear with it in my inventory.  Ok, i admit that this is still a lot better than in RL. So why am I talking about this?? Because this dress looks simply awesome!
    Was is really necessary to advertise this dress? Soon it will be seen at every corner inworld *sighs*. Or at least I won't be outstanding anymore wearing it *another sigh*. 

    Thank you for this dress, Pad. 
    And thank you Deidre and lelo for your blog and your passionate work for the community. 

    Diomita Maurer