Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CorinS - Chella Latex Skirt

Hikari called us a few weeks back, and mentioned Corin had redone her store. I took good note, and we swung by tonight to have a look.

Sure enough, Corin’s is new and improved, with a nice big lobby (with cash registers!) and lucky chairs for group members.

A handsome poster pointing to a certain blog is visible in a good spot - always cheers me up to see my smiling face, even if not exactly on the cover of Rolling Stone.

While wandering around the store, we found one of those flouncy little prim skirts lelo loves, and I agreed the shine was good so I got her a couple.

It’s more detailed than most, featuring a nice belt and scalloped bottom. The price for that is the unavoidable transparency bug; but it’s not bad enough to ruin the look of the skirt.

We spoke to Corin a few months back, and she was hoping to release new designs soon, RL permitting. We’ll keep you posted!

OK, sure these aren’t mesh, they don’t have elaborate locking scripts, they don’t glow in the dark, but i can’t help but love looking at my own rear when i walk around in a skirt like this.

Mistress already calls these lelo skirts and i really don’t mind, i guess i’m a bit of a old fashioned girl.

The skirt comes in 3 color options, black/grey, red/black and white/black, we don’t show the white version because it wouldn’t show in our studio.

The skirt has a nice little resizing script, so it does have one thing up on those mesh skirts, the second would be how it flows when you walk around.

This skirts are a great addition to any latex outfit, just be sure to look for the right color match, the red is pretty dark.

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity

Quality9 8
Price8 7
Service8 8
Store8 8

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