Thursday, June 20, 2013

dollle - Front Zip Leather Outfit - Black

Our good friend Mel Melville found this lovely leather dress - she heard about it from a friend too - word-of-mouth power!

As we sometimes do, I invited Mel to the studio and had a nice time going through the hundreds of Glitterati poses in our stands. We settled on this one but a few other candidates were close.

Mel’s a grande dame of the pony scene in Second Life, and she always looks amazing - as often in leather as I am.

While I’m often in a few favorites, she’s usually wearing something new and tasteful whenever we see her, and this isn’t the first excellent tip she sends our way.

Regular readers may remember that Mel built Dari’s current store. I threw them together - GSF #4, all my friends should be friends ;) It worked out, as Mel’s a great builder and Dari wanted something clean and simple.

What, the dress? Oh yes, it’s very nice. I’ll let lelo tell you about it ;)

Some lovely leather mesh tonight in the form of a dress by CrystalDoll Lemon at {dollle*}, and yes that’s a new one in our tags, minus the special characters.

It’s a miracle that we still manage to find new stores after all this time, though in this case it’s a vanilla store venturing into fetishy clothing.

The dress is of a simple design but has a very smart feature, the sleeves are separate so you get two dresses for the price of one.

This is a mesh dress with all the usual mesh problems, it’s made for a bigger chest than most mesh dresses, though just a bit too small for my normal girls.

But it was nice to let the girls grow to at least a good part of their usual size, a demo is available, so check before you buy.

The dress is available in red, brown, blue and black, and a fatpack is available at a good discount.

Name : dollle
Owner : CrystalDoll Lemon

Quality9 8
Price8 8
Store8 8

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