Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elixir - HEXBlade Rubber Suit

Do they hold by static cling? Quantum uncertainty? Force of personality? In any case, the cool (shiny!) hex tiles make the HEXBlade Rubber Suit look futuristic and wild.

Of course, the suit is pretty much a pair of sleeves and leggings - hey, spaceships have climate control, right?

Kidding aside, when I see a suit like that, I like to see a closed version included.

If you want to wear the tiles close to your body - and I’m not saying that’s necessary - you’ll want to set a bit of time aside on a good pose stand.

The tiles are mesh, so full mod, resize and tint. Backup before fiddling ;)

Something new and futuristic from Khorus at Elixir tonight, the HEXBlade rubber suit.

The outfit consists of thick rubber legging and a undertop also in thick black rubber and a whole lot of blue hex tiles in prim form.

There are tiles for the thighs, underarms, shoulders, neck and breasts, you also get a pair of rubber panties with tiles on them.

There are 4 sizes for the breast covers for small, medium, large or lolas though some fitting is required. Also note that cover is not to be taken literally.

The hex tiles have a resize script but the best way of fully fitting them would be to move each separate tile into the right position, a bit of a job but perfection takes time.

Name : Elixir
Owner : Khorus Magne
Quality9 8
Price8 7
Service9 8
Store9 8

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