Friday, June 28, 2013

Karu Karu Maxine and Firestorm 4.4.1

I caught Chane Karu online this week and we had a fun yak - to me that’s the top perk of the blog, staying in touch with the makers and the shakers in SL.

We discussed Lolas! Tango implants, and how they seem to have won the race; I confirmed that we see do many designers creating appliers for them.

Chane got into them too, and this weekend’s 99L$ discount has the Tango appliers included.

Don’t wait!

The Firestorm installation was fairly painless, as I said recently. That’s a good thing, because the team just released version 4.4.1.

Sigh ;)

The good news is that it fixes a bunch of stuff.

Don’t forget to do a clean install, and do use the Backup feature to save your settings if you love them ;)

Your logs are not included in the settings backup - you'll want to backup those manually.

Be kind to the volunteers in the support group, they’re about to be swamped by tens of thousands of new users (as Phoenix becomes unusable soon) and upgraders (as old Firestorm versions suffer the same fate).

Read the full news here:

and have a great weekend!

Deirdre and lelo

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