Monday, June 17, 2013

SL10B : It Has Begun!

I can’t hear that without thinking of Mortal Kombat  (yes, I’m a child of the eighties).

Fortunately, SL10B is a little more peaceful, no spandex-clad ninjas will pounce on you, and there is a lot of really amazing stuff to see.

We were there yesterday for the opening, which was a bit more quiet than last year's. No keynote address, just a simple raising of the flags - in multiple locations, a smart move to spread the lag.

The exhibit lelo and I like best so far is the History Walk. Some excellent research and summarizing went into it, and it still works out to some twenty “slides”, set on large posters and surrounded with period items. It's here :

And a good link I want to give you is about the pod system. If you want to sit and watch the fairgrounds go by, these cool little automatic gliding chairs are for you.

Linsey Carter covered them on her blog :

Normal fetish content resumes soon ;)

Deirdre and lelo

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