Friday, June 14, 2013

SL10B Reaches Out To Other Celebrations

Only two days until the opening of SL10B - Sunday June 16th!

Lelo and I took the press tour, given by the indefatigable Saffia Widdershins :)

We saw some amazing things, most of which I'll tell you about soon, but right now the most important one is the Connections Board.

This is where other events, including adult ones, will be listed at SL10B.
Here's the SLURL:

And here’s the post that went up yesterday on the SLCC blog:

With two days to go before the event begins, there isn’t a second to lose.

If you know an event organizer, please send them this post ASAP and tell them to get in touch with Honour McMillan to be listed on the Connections Board.

Have a great weekend and see you at SL10B Sunday!

Deirdre & lelo

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