Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad@zz - The Ultimate Bed

We saw an ad for The Ultimate Bed go by on Fetish Consolidated (yes, the old fetish group is still around!) and I thought, we haven’t featured a sex bed yet and they *are* a fair part of the play that happens in SL.

This is not a cheap item - it costs more than my Motor Loon bike.

The bed is probably more often bought for sex clubs than for private homes, but let’s face it, the Linden dollar exchange rate makes “expensive” a very relative thing.

That said, it’s extremely low prim, so if you’re renting land and you’re on a budget, it won’t eat up your allowance.

Ultimate is fairly large, so I made a point of snapping one picture showing lelo and I stretched out - neither of us is short, and the bed fairly dwarfs us.

The dais (the creator calls it a stage) is big, and is really a lot of fun. Gives that castle feeling :)

While we don’t usually point to Marketplace, there are enough options listed on the page that you’ll want to read it, and copy-pasting them here would be cheating, so here’s the link:

Ok, something completely different tonight, a bed, or according to Master Source, the Ultimate Bed.

So what’s so Ultimate about this bed, well lets start with the animations, there are over 700 in this one.

We didn’t try them all, but found a few beauties, like the proposal or the pillow fight, but there are also the jump on bed.

Only thing i couldn’t find is a nice spoon sleeping pose, but i’m pretty sure it’s in there somewhere.

Yes there are pages and pages of sex, including threesomes and kinky stuff.

You also get BDSM and bondage poses, which should give you hours and hours of fun. *winks*

The bed is fully RLV and Xcite! compatible and comes with 30 custom made textures, so it should work in most homes.

The bed isn’t cheap, but when you consider the possibilities for RP it offers it’s a steal.

Name : Bad@zz
Owner : Master Source


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