Thursday, July 18, 2013

XTC Leather - Supremacy

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday. Our dear friend Xaviar Thunders mentioned that a site I showed him inspired a new outfit!

Heike, the Fetish Queen, is a German fetish model. She models tasteful, expensive leather and assorted fetishwear in the least porn-related way I have ever seen.

Aside from appearing on her own Web site, Heike is one of the catalog models for Crazy Outfits, the German store that makes the leather clothing she wears - the smartest arrangement I’ve seen.

So when Xav sent Supremacy over, lelo put it on and acquired a very recognizable Heike look :)

You’ll notice on the vendor pic a lovely pearl necklace, adding a very classy touch to the outfit. It is indeed an XTC product, but it’s sold separately.

(It used to irritate me when I saw in RL catalogs captions like “belt model’s own” on outfits shown with non-included accessories - Xav is smarter than that.)

So if you want a classy fetish look, head over to XTC - the vendor is right in the door, hard to miss.

Leather tonight and you know that leather usually means XTC when we report on it.

Supremacy is a complete outfit, which is more fashionable than kinky, but there are moments that even we need to dress a bit more conservative.

You get the skirt in 3 sizes and 3 length, i’m showing the long version of the skirt, keep in mind even the short version still comes to mid thigh, sexy but not sluty.

For the top you have the choice of a tube top or a turtleneck in classic black and matching gloves are included in the set.

Finally there are the boots, which look great with that zipper on the back of them and worth the price of complete outfit in my humble opinion.

A Lolas applier is sold separately and no, these are my own girls, no help from modern plastics. *winks*

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders

Price9 8
Service9 8
Store9 9

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