Monday, July 29, 2013

Harsh - Teasing Tube

Another great bondage toy from Dari, the Teasing Tube is a metal and glass cage with access ports and tons of fun features.

The menu is fast and fairly easy to navigate, with the bulk of settings under Options.

This is a trapping RLV toy in particular, so it’ll be well suited for public areas and dungeons - a “public” mode allows anyone to use the settings, not just the owner.

A neat, and I think unique, feature of the Tube is a secret escape word - set it and here’s what your victim will see: “teasingTUBE: A secret escape word is configured. You can make guesses on channel 33. You may want to discuss hints with Deirdre Young”

Heh, heh, heh ;)

Dari showed me pictures of the teasingTUBE with and without materials processing, and it looks amazing with, really good without. Pity our brand spanking new Firestorm doesn't do materials, but it'll come, it'll come.

Dari's blog has the release info and the updates (yes, already!)

And do have a look at Aria Warden’s post :

Big shout out to Aria who just recently passed her hundredth post - what she does is hard and she has a lot less choice of subjects than we do. Congratulations, babe!

We wanted to show you this one last week already but the tickle bench beat Darien to the punch.

So here is Darien’s latest creation, well it’s a cooperation between Darien and Mija Perfferle.

The Teasing Tube can be adjusted to fit most interiors and utilizes the advanced materials option, Darien showed us the comparisons, as firestorm doesn’t support AM yet and the difference is amazing as you can see.

The concept of the Teasing Tube is simple, but that goes for most toys, you get your capture options, the RLV options with access to the RLV folders and timer functions.

The pose position and holes can be adjusted to fit most avatars in SL, i love the name tag on the cage, a very nice feature of the cage.

As you might expect this cage is a work of art and the scripting is bullet proof and very lean, all that you need is a partner and you can RP your ass off, have fun.. *winks*

Name : [H]arsh
Owner : Darien Caldwell

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service9 8
Store9 8

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