Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Utopia Design - Virgo

If Utopia Design’s Virgo knee-high boots went under your radar, you’re not alone. We saw them recently at her store, and lelo liked them a lot so we suggested we could feature them.

When lelo asked Elisabetta how we had missed them, she explained that she had released them in a very busy period (October last year) and hadn’t notified any bloggers or done much advertising.

So, sometimes they’re not hot off the press - I hope you’ll still enjoy this.

Virgo are what I’d call a sixties-style platform, although heels were a bit chunkier then.

The texture is very good, and really has to be seen up close to be appreciated. The clever “clips” in front are just the kind of detail high fashion designers love to throw in on a plain seam.

A short fold-down cuff with points at the rear gives a bit of a pirate look to the boot.

The included hud is very easy to understand, showing visually what part of the boot is affected by clicking the buttons without using any text.

A nice retro boot that will complement a number of fetish or fashion outfits!

Boots tonight, courtesy of Elisabetta at Utopia Design, presenting the Virgo Multi-texture boots.

The boots have a good 1960’s fetish look to them, high platform and heels that are in good balance with the rest of the boot, pulling them into the current century.

As with other boots we have shown you by Elisabetta, you get an easy multi paged HUD to adjust the textures on your boots.

There are 6 presets or you can change the 7 separate parts of the boots giving them your own custom look.

The third page of the HUD lets you resize them, adjust the sound level and pose yourself for the fitting.

We had to just push the boots up a bit as they were riding a bit low, but the rest of the fit was perfect, just make sure you make a copy before you start tinkering with them.

So great looking fetish boots that are borderline fashionable, so you won’t look out of place in a vanilla sim, but you can still enjoy your fetish.

Name : Utopia@Design
Owner : Elisabetta Hyun
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Triglav/43/158/82

Quality8 9
Service8 8
Store8 7

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