Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kidnapped! - Penis Gag

While doing our fetish mall tour, we stopped by Little Shop of Kink and saw the Kidnapped! stall. Another nice old store that deserves a bit of the spotlight, I thought.

So I held down lelo and forced the huge rubber penis gag into her mouth... yeah, right. Bondage bunnies, I tells ya.

The gag is a handsome toy even though it’s not mesh with materials processing and server side appearance (is that enough SL buzzwords?).

I like the hanging-around-the-neck version - you’d never see the penis-gag part without it.

The gag animates the sub’s face and gives the most adorable puppy-dog eyes while worn. Ok, my analyst would have things to say about the fact that I find that look adorable.. I’ll ask him when I untie him ;)

If your sweetie is due for a bit of humiliation play, look no further than Kidnapped’s cool little skybox store.

Toy time tonight and guess who got lucky again, yep, little ole me. *smiles*

This isn’t a new toy, but it is a classic and we do love our classics and there isn’t much more classic than a panel gag with a nice penis on it.

This one is by Quacken or Q as she calls herself now from Kidnapped! and comes in two versions, the lockable version in the first picture and the unlocked one around my neck in the second.

The scripting is straightforward and offers you everything you might want from a gag.

You can change the color of the penis but to do so you’ll need to wear both gags as the one worn around the neck doesn’t have a menu.

Have a close look at the gag, Q has done some great work here, i especially like the way you can see a hint of the gag in the panel, very realistic.

Every girl should have a good panel gag next to the other standard equipment like the little black dress... *winks*

Name : Kidnapped!
Owner : Quacken Nightfire

Quality7 7
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 7

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  1. Do keep in mind that this gag does not actually redirect chat from open, so both the cleartext and garbled text are sent out for all to hear.