Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Graves - Vertigo Boots and Dragon Dress

No tip this time, we actually thought to visit Graves by ourselves. Well, I did see someone wearing the Vertigo boots at MD last week so let’s say that was the inspiration.

People-watching at fetish hangouts is still the best shopping for us; it’s easy, for one, and we’ve seen enough of what’s out there to pretty much spot the new stuff on sight.

So the Vertigo aren’t exactly this-week-new, but I liked them on sight, and it did let us catch the Dragon dress, which is indeed new.

As per Graves style, the boots are midnight black with lots of cool little hi-tech prim bits sticking out here and there. They go well with my nice old Viper catsuit.

The included HUD has the resize script (the little - and + at top), an unusual idea but a good one, I think; it allows the boots to carry fewer scripts that don’t serve that often once the fitting is done.

So if you need sexy fetish techy boots for your next spying mission (and what kind of mission would it be if you don’t?), consider the Vertigo ;)

Some lovely darkness from Graves tonight, in the form of the Vertigo Boots Mistress is wearing and the Dragon Dress i’m showing you.

The dress is rigged mesh and comes in 5 sizes so should fit most, especially because it has a closed top.

Next to the usual Graves hex print, the dress is full of very nice looking dragons.

There are 3 color options for the dress, grey, purple and the red i’m wearing, there is also a megapack with all 3 version for under the price on two, great deal i would say.

You also get cloth layer tights, which also have the Graves Hex, and gloves.

As usually Jackie supplies you with some roleplaying accessories, in this case hair sticks, a katana for on your back and a nasty little dagger in your hand.

So once again a great looking outfit from Jackie, which should work on most asian ninja themed sims or without the dagger and katana in every club in SL.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 8

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