Monday, August 12, 2013

Bax Coen Design - Regency Boots

We won’t be the first bloggers to post about the Regency boots, but that won’t stop us ;)

Bax’s new Regency mesh boots are stunning; there’s no other word for them.

If the amazing standard texture isn’t enough for you, the Regency have materials processing; you must see Strawberry Singh’s video demonstrating this.

I was lucky enough to catch Bax at the store when I went for a peek (there’s no vendor pic yet).

If you've heard rumors of the Lindens possibly killing the mesh deformer Bax used, don't worry for a second. She told me flatly she would provide a free update if that happens.

The Regency come with Fix Feet, the terrific feature that lets you straighten ankles bent by some poses, and by popular demand, Walk Sounds - what fetishist doesn’t love the sounds of high heels clicking on a hard floor? ;)

So, incredible fit whatever your shape, incredibly detailed textures (just zoom in on the zipper!), and a fashionable platform and stiletto heel... I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Regency around SL very soon.

This one was a long time waiting but finally it made it out of the workplace and into the shop, well almost.

At last they are here overknee boots by Bax Coen, the boots all us boot junkies have been waiting for.

The boots are available in 7 leather colors, black, burgundy, pink, plum red and white, for now, but that’s how she started with her Prestige boots.

The boots come in 3 sizes: Standard, Plus and BBW just to give the collision bone deformer a head start, the standard fits both Mistress and me perfectly.

The foot shape is perfect with a fashionably fetishy platform and killer heels, add the beautiful texture and Bax’s eye for details and you have the standard overknee boot for SL.

Better run.. ohh wait,  just 2 or 3 nights sleep then run and get yours... *smiles*

Name : Bax Coen Design
Owner : Bax Coen

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service9 9
Store9 9

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  1. I love my Bax Coen Prestige boots. I wear them pretty much as my default boot unless I have a specific reason to wear something else.

    However, let me assure you that the idea that LL will break collision bone deformation is no rumor. Nyx Linden came flat out and said at the Third Party Viewer Developers' meeting last Friday that using collision bone deformation will very likely break at some point in the future, and LL makes absolutely no commitment to keep it working. In light of that, there was some discussion about having the viewer check on upload and refuse to upload mesh rigged to the collision bones.

    I do wish that Qarl's deformer would get into the viewer. (It was in the Firestorm development viewer for a while, but got pulled back out because of a major memory leak.) At this point, I can't buy mesh clothing that fits my shape, and so I don't buy mesh, period. I really want that to change.

    Even so, if you buy collision-bone deforming mesh, you should expect it to stop working at some point. Bax Coen has always been absolutely topnotch in customer service, so I'm not at all surprised she will give out a free update. Other vendors probably aren't so enlightened.