Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deviant and Bizarre - Pun(ish)Wheel

Mija is a friend of several friends, and a pretty active kinky creator. When she called to show us a toy, we were definitely interested.

She was hammering out the details with lelo while we sat at Domme A Domme. When Mija showed me the box the wheel comes in, I said it looked like a doomsday device ;)

The Punishment Wheel (with lelo here playing Vanna White) can be ceiling-mounted if you’re a fuddy-duddy square who insists on reading the winning pick right-side up. If you’re cool and don’t mind such details, you can set it on the floor.

Another great party animation toy that should be popular at clubs to break the silence.

Do drop by Mija’s little shop in the lovely Darkadia mall, and while you’re there make sure to take a moment to admire the festival lanterns.

A party toy tonight made by Mija Perfferle, if that name sounds familiar she cooperated with Dari to bring us the Teasing Tube.

But this is a solo project under her own Deviant and Bizzarre label, her Punishment Wheel.

It can be used as a party toy or as a automated Domme if you are so inclined, the party option would be a whole lot more fun though. *smiles*

The concept is pretty simple and is basically a wheel of fortune, the fortunes are what makes this wheel so interesting.

There are 6 contents available in the wheel, including femdom, latexdoll and RL.

You just click the wheel and where it stops.... you can guess the rest.

The wheel contains a few toys and LM’s that can assist you in your chores, isn’t Mija nice.

So planning a BDSM party in a club? Owning a BDSM club? not sure what to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a couple of kinky friends? what are you waiting for.. *winks*

Name : Deviant and Bizarre
Owner : Mija Perfferle
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Darkadia/101/189/91

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