Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daisy Creations - Menial Chores Ironing

While I’m the first to admit that rubber dolls are pretty decorative, putting them to work occasionally is not a bad thing at all.

Daisy Creations is a store full of creative ideas to put your slave to work. The Menial Chores series includes Ironing, an activity center including poses, accessories, and, ahem, feedback ;)

Let’s just say that if you have a nagging fetish, this toy is for you. “You stupid thing! You can't even remember how to iron clothes. That was the wrong step!”, “This won't become any better. Now place the iron back on its stand!”, and other assorted admonitions accompany your slave as she works.

The animations are simple; don’t look for motion capture here. But the whole effect is pretty solid, and the chores are are a real punishment.

Do have a look at the AO’s at Daisy Creations: domme, sub, and shopping boy, the latter who caught my eye as a happy RL fantasy ;)

And now for something completely differently... the ironing board... a fun bit of work from Daisy Creations, that should keep your maid busy and well controlled.

The basic concept is pretty simple, but that goes for most brilliant things, the iron board keeps you maid busy ironing.

Once your maid steps behind the board, or is captured there, she is given an iron and a piece of clothing to iron, not that you can see them at first.

Then the fun starts as you have to click your way through the steps that ironing clothing involves, from picking it up, flattening it, to putting it back in the right basket.

All the while the board keeps bitching at you for every failure you make or when you work too slow or too fast.

This thing will keep your maid better on her toes than a pair of ballet boots, not that she shouldn’t wear them, or is that just my fantasy. *winks*

Name : Daisy Creations
Owner : Guinevere Millet

Price8 7
Service8 -
Store7 7

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