Wednesday, August 14, 2013

XTC Leather - Exhibition

Every fetishist has their guilty pleasure, and mine is eighties-style pyramid studs, lots and lots of them in neat rows.

It seems Xaviar may be nearly my age, or he just likes all the same things I do by pure luck. (I’m tempted to say excellent taste, but as one of my friends likes to say, *good* experts are just the ones who agree with you.)

Exhibition, then, is a cool leather outfit, with several versions: skimpy, naughty, and outrageous ;)

For once I let lelo show off the less revealing one, and took the short top. Not that she’s dressed for Siberia or anything.

Gold pyramid studs cover every reasonable inch of Exhibition, in prim or clothes layer reasonable facsimile. I decided to wear the cool included choker, but I spun it 180° to put the roller buckle at the rear. The bracelets are copy, if you want to wear a ton of them :)

Great boots with a bold leather texture complete the outfit, and as usual, the outfit is extremely low-priced.

Leather tonight and leather here usually means XTC, so here’s the new Exhibition from the hand of Xaviar.

In the box you will find a complete outfit or even two when you only wear the underwear layer.

There are 15 wearable items in the box, including the studded bracelets and collar Mistress is wearing.

You even get a cloth layer skirt with prim insert, remember those..., just kidding it still works to hide that old Linden boeboe. *smiles*

Finally you will find a pair of XTC boots with matching studs to the rest of the outfit.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders

Quality8 8
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store9 9

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