Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Spacegirl - ilia Corset

We saw SarahSofie wearing the Ilia corset at HB Club, and she was kind enough to give me the info - I’d usually say store landmark, but Hello Spacegirl is a Marketplace-only store.

We didn’t hear back from Laverne so no opinions on service - maybe she’s away for summer vacation.

This corset is really striking from up close. The waist shape is a realistic tightly-corseted one, while the loops give it a molded-plastic feel that is quite futuristic to my eye.

The prices are excellent, and a fatpack of both black and white gives a further discount.

A matching neck corset is available, and since our model pics are so great, I thought I’d stick in the neck corset pic to give you the complete picture ;)

Lovely, inexpensive, original designs. We might wish for an in-world presence, but that’s us.

Some Meshy goodness in the form of a corset by Laverne Donat from Hello Spacegirl tonight.

When you buy the corset you get a shining button in your hand that you have to press to get the real thing.

In the box you get the corset in 5 sizes, L to XXS, i’m wearing the XS model here so beware when buying it, Lavern does include a note with the optimum settings for each version though.

One thing that amazed me is the fact that next to the 5 corsets Laverne also includes 5 matching alpha’s, showing that she really made 5 different corsets.

So want a hard plastic space style corset, that is amazingly restrictive… you know the drill...

Name : Hello Spacegirl
Owner : Laverne Donat
The MarketPlaceURL :

Store- -

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