Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Squeaky Kinks - Lovedoll

Squeaky Kinks was a reference from our Dolls group, appropriately named The Dolls. Thanks for the tip, Mera!
Doll enthusiasts can join The Dolls by pasting this link in their viewer’s main chat:
A quick visit to the Squeaky store was pretty productive; first, we found the Lovedoll, and second, we saw Doll Works next door - more about that very soon ;)

Lovedoll is a full mesh avatar, entirely created and scripted by Arinkum. She uses Blender, and from her explanations, it sounds less horribly complicated than I thought. One day I’ll break down and make something in mesh.

The huge breasts and pink color make this a great humiliation toy - put your hairy burly slave boy in Lovedoll for a while, and I’m sure he’ll be a lot more obedient in the future ;)

Tonight we have the ultimate Halloween costume and it comes with a lovely lovedoll avatar as well. *winks*

Ok kidding about the Halloween costume, though the full body alpha is pretty fun, this post is about the Squeaky Kinks Lovedoll, which is a full body mesh avatar.

You get two versions of the mesh body, with and without feet, so you can add the mandatory ballets with this outfit.

There is also an invisible control prim you wear around your waist that makes easy access to the menu possible.

With the menu you can set the owner or public use, lock the body, set speech and restrictions and finally adjust look of the doll.

You can change the color of the body, lips and holes and you can also hide those lovely dolls eyes. i wonder why though.

There are 4 levels of RLV restriction taking you more and more into isolation from the world.

There is also a chat relay included in the package, which of course only works in chat and when you are in RLV, but who of you isn’t. *winks*

Name : Squeaky Kinks
Owner : Arinkum

Price8 7

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