Thursday, August 8, 2013

KDC - Wasp Gasmask

Kyrah’s been working hard again, and I sometimes feel like the laziest person in the world compared to all our designer friends :)

The result is the KDC Wasp Gasmask, a great bit of gear for our heavy rubber dolls and the people who love them ;)

We’re a few days post-release, which is a good thing since Kyrah’s had time to fix bugs, one not even her fault. You can read the details on her blog.

The mask looks really good, with textured rubber straps for pulling it tight like a RL one. The lens colors are pretty subtle, cyan and so on. I might have liked mirror and opaque lenses options.

As I’m not on materials-enabled viewer, Kyrah sent some snaps of the gas mask with different textures applied.. too subtle for my poor blonde head but here’s the link :

And we are back to toys tonight, didn’t i tell you they were just falling into our laps lately, well tonight we present you the new gasmask by Kyrah at KDC.

You might know that i’m a bit of a KDC fan, i practically live in her catsuit and headgear, so i’m always happy when she comes up with something new.

First things first, this is one good looking gasmask and a model i haven’t seen in SL yet.

As you might expect the mask uses Kyrah’s smart touch bound system for the locking and a similar system to add the filter to the gasmask.

There is a HUD included that makes it possible for you to adjust the color of the mask to your current outfit.

With the HUD you can also control the sound level of the mask, please turn it off or at least set it to low in public places.

Go get them while they are hot, this is a rubber doll must have and something that shouldn’t be missing in any doomsday preppers inventory.

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8

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