Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DeVicious - Looks That Kill

Another awesome little leather dress, this is Looks That Kill from DeVicious - well, leather and other things, but we’ll go with our strengths ;)

This is a strapless mini dress, and it’s a little tighter than some previous models - I actually needed the alpha to wear the Small size.

Steph included the alpha textures in full-perm versions so you can save and edit them if you want to adjust your hem just right. Not everyone will bother, but it’s great to have the option.

The Glow booties we showed you in April are included with Looks That Kill, and they look really good - I feel we skipped over them a bit quickly back then.

They’re cool spiked hidden platform boots, totally this year’s style. Black, leopard, pink, red and white are included, and the resize script is a breeze.

If you were looking for a hot mid-summer mini dress (well, fifty of them) to wear from dungeon to dance floor, look no further.

Also, here's a bit of advance notice - we'll have more details Friday:

DeVicious Photo Contest starts on Friday August 9th 2013

Next Friday we will launch the best and biggest Photo Contest in SL.

Every contestant will win a prize. We are giving away 700,000 L$ in cash and 400,000 L$ in prizes + approx. 900,000L$ in free gifts.

First Prize: 500,000 L$
Second Prize: 150,000 L$
Third Prize: 50,000 L$
Places 4-100 win prizes worth L$ 300,000
All participant get a free exclusive Limited Edition mesh outfit.

Sponsored by Ambrosia Club, Indyra Originals, Danika

No toys tonight we are working on the fashionable part of the blog with another instalment of mesh skirts by DeVicious.

The dress comes in 7 sizes and with the included HUD you get 50 colors styles, 20 of which are leather textures.

The cut of the dress makes them a bit harder to fit than her usual so better be prepared to spend some time fitting your body into this one.

Still it’s more than worth the effort as these are super sexy dresses and with the included 50 textures there should be something for every occasion.

Did we mention the booties? the boots alone are worth the money and they are included for free in the set.

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye

Quality9 8
Service8 8
Store8 7

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