Thursday, August 1, 2013

Latex Web Inc. - X-Dress X-Veils and Veils

Mariko’s been very busy lately, so it was good to see her briefly this week. She has three new releases, well suited to our friend and full-coverage enthusiast LatexLadyLL.

I’m wearing the X-Dress, which shamelessly leaves the face bare - probably the reason for the X rating ;)

This is remedied in the Veils (worn by lelo here) and X-Veils shown in our third pic.

X-Dress is a lovely strapless corset dress - I’m wearing it here with the included latex undershirt, so that fact is not immediately obvious.

The dress is quite an hourglass shape, and accentuates my waist to near-lelo proportions ;)

The shine is quite intricate, showing in the numerous folds. The dress is quite long, but fortunately the included KISS-style platform boots lift me up so it doesn’t drag on the ground.

I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek here, but this is really a lovely outfit. Lolas! Tango appliers are included too - there’s a lot to like in this box.

Yoohoo... *waves*... yes it’s me behind all these veils, lace and rubber.

The base of this outfit is a lovely mesh latex dress that goes from neck to toe, it comes in 4 sizes and with the use of the full body alpha it should really fit everyone.

Next is a Hijab that covers the head down to the shoulders which should be a great base for a executioners hood.

A Niqab, in two versions, covers the last bits of offending skin and 5 strategically placed veils cover up the curves.

The final items in the package give you a pair of rubbery pointe shoes, which as you might know, i am a big fan off and Mariko really made them look very authentic.

So if you want to hide from the world in layers and layers of rubber, here’s your outfit.

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store9 8

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  1. Yes, I can testify that these outfits are wonderful for those of us who appreciate full coverage. They have a nice flow to them and are simple to wear. And they look spectacular. Mariko made them wonderfully and I have been wearing them daily around SL. The lace robe with the X-Veils outfit seemed a bit unusual at first, but now I love it.