Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anima Temptation - Oral Trainer Gag

When we saw the Oral Trainer gag, I thought, oo, clever, and naughty :)

The gag pushes a dildo deep into the slave’s mouth - good for humiliation and all sorts of neat roleplays.

But when lelo put it on and the thing started pumping in and out of her mouth, I just had to grin; I wasn’t expecting the animation :)

The toy itself is lovely shiny chrome, with a couple of tubes supplying the plausible source of movement (I’m voting for hydraulic!).

The large chain across the face is a good reminder that this is a bondage toy. Fetish and BDSM are about big, visible symbols; subtle is not the point here.

A well-made toy, with lots of fun options; I’ll definitely call this one a must-have :)

Another toy tonight, seems the toy market is waking up again, this time from Adira at Anima Temptation.

And i thought she only made shoes, but it seems she has some other talents as well. *smiles*

The general look is very good, down to the veins on the dildo or the shackles of the chain.

The fitting went pretty smoothly with the help on the included resizing script and a few slight nudges it slid in place just fine.

The menu gives you all the usual RLV controls you'd expect from a gag, including garbled chat and replaced chat name.

The speed and movement of the penetrator can be adjusted as well as the sound of it and the moans it produces.

You can also hide the penetrator and this gives you the option for a blow job animation that can be used to check for progress of the training.

Great looking bondage and training device that should give you hours of RP fun.

Name : Anima Temptation
Owner : Adira Aeon

Quality9 8
Price8 8

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