Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Server Side Baking Is Here, Yay!

If you’ve been following the important news, (no, not the Jeopardy kid and his typo!) you know that today is the big day.

Linden Labs has introduced Server Side Appearance - “baking” was too technical ;) - to the main grid.

Lelo and I visited a few busy hangouts to see if there were more grey people than usual.

Our very non-scientific first impression is that avatars rez a hair faster, and that’s all.

I’d say this is a total win for LL. A big change that doesn’t break things for most people using the recommended software is huge.

Good job, guys. Now get three-people private chat working, eh? ;)

So today, then, is the official last day of Phoenix. If you're still using it, everyone will be grey, and you will be grey to everyone.

This should not be a surprise to most, but as they say on the Firestorm blog, some 70,000 non-compatible users are still out there. Ok, change is bad, but dang!

Read the details here: http://www.firestormviewer.org/server-side-appearance-goes-grid-wide/

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