Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rosal - Steam Waist And Neck Corset

Steampunk is all the rage lately; steam and gears are magical, and genius inventors can make anything - just ask Jules Verne!

Obviously, costumes have to match the era; have no fear, Rosal is here to help you look suitably Victorian, with the brand spanking new Steam waist and neck corsets.

Steam is incredibly customizable; you can change the color of the base, straps, center, rim, metal bits, lace strings and frilly lace bits, all independently.

The fit is remarkable; I mean, even improved on previous Rosal corsets. The S1 Normal fits me like a glove, hips to ribs. I’m really impressed; I snapped a pic to send to a RL friend who’s a corset model!

The center piece of the corset is a very neat set of gears; they look so authentic that I expected them to spin. Maybe it’s best that they don’t - I wouldn’t have been able to look away :)

If steampunk isn’t on your radar yet, here are a few good links to get you started Jules Verne, of course (Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!) See the Victorian Secret lingerie specials ;)

Tsarina has been busy again and after Tron and the victorian era she has now taken steampunk as inspiration for her new corsets.

I’m wearing both the waist and the neck corset, both come in 3 sizes to fit most AV’s in SL and the waist corset has a small and big breasted option as well, guess which one i had to use. *smiles*

You also get a tight and normal version for the waist and a open collar or normal version for the neck corset.

Both corsets can be color matched to your current outfit, there are 8 presets or you can color all the separate components and for that perfect match you can use the included tint picker HUD.

Finally there is the option to add frills to your corset, just in case you are afraid it’s looking too masculine.

I do hope that she will add boots and gloves to the series soon, can’t walk around without those. *winks*

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint

Quality9 9
Service9 8
Store8 8


  1. WHat boots are you wearing please?

  2. Hi Deety! I'm wearing the black High Elegance leather boots by Domina's Duo, and lelo is wearing the pink Bax Regency we recently reviewed.