Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Think Kink - Rack’d

If you have a bicycle or a slave to chain up securely while you go have a coffee in town, Think Kink has just the toy for you.

This is Rack’d, a fun and detailed bondage toy perfect for urban setting sims.

The textures are really fun and varied, going from battleship plate to rusted metal. All five rack versions are included in the box.

Instead of including a help notecard in the box that can go stale like an old cookie, the menu has a Get option that lets you receive a fresh new (long!) one.

Another great toy in the line of Think Kink products. Ilana assures me the scripts are as light as they can get, peanuts for a bondage toy. I’m glad that’s a big preoccupation of hers.

Now I think it would be absolutely hilarious to get a really good SL bicycle and lock it next to a slave and leave it there. If you don’t feel objectified in that position, I don’t know what’ll do it ;)

Guess who got chained to a bike rack to write the post for you, really the things we do for you... *smiles*

This is Rack’d by the girls from think kink which comes in 5 versions, we went for the “classic” subs & bikes only, but there is also a official use only, long term parking, free parking and rusting free parking.

The signs are available as a template so you can make your own personalized version yourself, hmm how would “lelo parking only” sound?

The scripting is as we know from Think Kink, light and easy to use with all the options you would ever expect from a bike rack.. in Second Life.

Among those the still amazing PerfectPose system, so you only have to adjust your position on the rack once.

Ohh, one final word of warning, sub or bikes are not included in the kit. *winks*

Name : Think Kink
Owner : Lyssa Daehlie, Ilana Debevec

Quality9 8
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

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