Thursday, September 19, 2013

AW Designs - Vervetki Mesh Boots

Another updated item that is so improved that it’s fair to call it something new - and review it again ;)

The Vervetki Mesh boots are extremely versatile, but the box caused me to wish for folders inside purchased items.

Between Tall, Short, M for medium and S for small, you get four sets of boots - thank mesh, one object each.

Then readme’s, color charts, alphas and textures for alphas.. I made folders out of self-defense ;)

Adrina got the sizes nicely adjusted. I’m wearing S and lelo M, fitting our legs closely.

These boots look very good, the textures and 3D work together to make a really eye-catching whole. I noted shadows under straps, folds in the pvc.. serious attention to detail!

Some boots tonight, or should i say the Swiss army knife of boots, well in Adrina’s case the Swedish army knife of boots.

The Vervetki boots give you loads of options, which all can be accessed by clicking the right boot.

First you can select the color bits of the boots there are no less than 45 PVC colors and it seems there will be other materials packs coming.

You can also set the color of all the separate parts of the boots... if you are feeling brave. *smiles*

Then there is the boot type, here you can set if you want the thigh high or under knee version, ballet or normal boots.

Both the ballet and the normal boots come in 2 versions, heeled or heelless for the ballets and you can add a platform to your normal boots.

You can also hide the locks and shaft of the boots for when you wear them under pants.

These boots are also lockable and RLV enabled so they are also usable for you bondage bunnies. *winks*

These boots should take care of all your boot needs for the time to come, as they give you so many options and i’m sure i missed a few.

Name : AW Designs
Owner : Adrina Welders

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 8

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