Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Creepy’s Fetish Wear - Latex Goddess

We gave Sancho a call to see how he was doing - we hadn’t seen him around in ages, and stores do close. No worries here, he’s still around and so is his cool store, Creepy’s.

He sent us a couple of samples of his recent work, and it’s still in the heavy rubber end of latex fetish. I’m wearing Latex Goddess, something of a change for this leather goddess ;)

The sheer volume of stuff in the boxes threw me a little, until I realized that most of it was boots. Five sizes, two colors (black plus the outfit color) and left and right for each makes a long list!

There are also a number of buckles to wear to match the clothes layer straps on the outfit. There are two on each leg for the garter belts, with one cleverly marked “add”, as a reminder to not just wear it.

The tints are fairly dark; no pastels here! The hat is not my usual style but readers of Marquis, O, and other European latex fetish magazines will be familiar with the look.

The outfit itself is underwear layer, so you could wear something over it, but it does stand well enough on its own.

A striking outfit that will draw admiring stares from any heavy rubber devotee :)

It has been ages since we last reported on the heavy rubber gear made by Sancho at Creepy’s and i was glad when finally heard of him again.

I just love his heavy rubber gear and his twisted mind shines through in each of his outfits.

The Latex Goddess is a classical european rubber look, but the mesh of the lovely boots shows that Sancho is keeping up with the time and that should be a promise for future creations.

Those boots themselves are worth more than the price of the entire outfit, so even if the outfit doesn’t turn you on the boots should.

Give the store a look, it should warm your fetish heart and you might find something to tickle your fancy.

Name : Creepy´s Fetish Wear
Owner : Sancho Watanabe

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 7

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